Dramatis Personae

Head Interpreter: Chris Binns

Chris BinnsChris Binns, is a classically trained actor ( Bristol Old Vic Theatre School ) and former theatre manager. He has been in films and television as far back as the mid 1970's (starting with Arthur of the Britons and The Professionals), has travelled the country in repertory theatres and run numerous drama workshops for young people all over the U.K. He has been a Victorian and an American Civil War historian in the U.K. and U.S.A. for the last eight years. Chris's great-great grandfather Jack Binns from Lancashire (enlisted as J.H.Burns) fought in the 44 th New York at Gettysburg in 1863.Jack Binns story was the subject of our 2004 event at Quarry Bank Mill to illustrate The Cotton Famine. A keen sailor in his youth, Chris sailed the Western Isles in his father's ketch and used his sailors' skills in the production of 'Runners and Raiders' 2005.

Head of Research: John C.Overton John Overton

John has worked and taught in schools for more than 15 years in his former capacity as a police officer and training manager. A lecturer in public speaking, John has appeared on television (Schama's History of Britain) and in historical films in the U.K. and U.S. He has worked on a series about the American War of Independence for the History Channel (The Revolution) and a film based on the life of George Washington for Mount Vernon , Virginia , Washington 's ancestral home. He has appeared as George Washington for Lloyds-TSB headquarters in London . John's previous job involved researching, designing and delivering training packages.

The Players

Mandy Overton
A trained singer, Mandy has sung with John C. Overton as Dave and Wendy on WW1 and WW2 themes and songs from different eras are in planning.

David Binns
David Binns is a BA (Hons) graduate of Trinity St David’s (University of Wales) in Ancient and Medieval History and has played numerous roles within the group.

Matthias (Matt) Davis
Matt is a lecturer in Legal Studies and has extensive knowledge of 18th Century British History as well as the history of Russia. He has appeared in many historical films from an early age. Matt is an acomplished singer and fife player.

Christian Sprakes
Christian is a part time professional musician, playing violin and guitar (in fact, most stringed instruments). He has researched the History of Slavery and the Underground Railroad in the United States to be presented through the medium of contemporary music.

Miles Sprakes
Miles is an accomplished violinist and singer and has appeared with Company K in venues across the country.

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