Topics 2019

 1. Bula Mutari
The story of the exciting life Of Sir Henry Morton Stanley from his lowly birth and the workhouse in north Wales, through the American Civil War and African explorations, to fame, fortune and a knighthood. Songs and dances, children dress-up and act-out some of the stories.

2. Cotton Famine 1861-65
The story of the lives of the Victorian cotton workers aged 8 upwards, of Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire,1861-65 and the effects upon them of the American Civil War. With contemporary songs.

3. Runners and Raiders. The Denbigh and The Alabama
The story of two ships and their British crews. Built at Birkenhead by Lairds in 1860-62 they had far-reaching effects on relations between Great Britain, the United States and the international community as a whole. The story leads from a sixpenny ticket, all the way to the United Nations. Songs and dance of the period.

4. The Crimean War.1854-56
The story of the lives of ordinary British soldiers in the Crimean War and of four women, Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Dasha Sevastopolskaya and Ekaterina Bakunina, who changed the attitudes towards the roles of women in Victorian Britain and Russia.

5. The History of Slavery; Kingdom Coming
The story of western slavery and the slave trade from the times of Queen Elizabeth 1up to the end of the American Civil War. The focus of this session will be the triangular trade between Great Britain, Africa and the United States and the Caribbean . The lives of the people enslaved will be discussed together with the efforts of abolitionists within the United States. Songs and dance for children.

6. Pyrates  
The story of  the real Pirates of the Caribbean, story-telling, sea songs and activities for children, including ‘School for Ye Pyrates’

7. Jack and Jock or Tommy 1914-18
 ‘Jack and Jock’ is the story of two soldiers part of an Army Concert Party, telling tales of the Western Front and singing songs of the Great War. Children learn drill and a ‘Trench Reel’ dance and dress up to act-out some of the stories. Tommy is the story of the life and times of a soldier of a ‘Service’ or ‘Pals’ Battalion in The Great War.

8. The Home Front 1939-42   
The story of Britain at the outbreak of World War Two and the Blitz with stories and activities from Bill the Home Guard, Sid the Spiv, Jack the NFS Fireman and Walter the ARP Warden. Join in a WW2 sing-song and learn the Lambeth walk.

9. The Whalers
A group of Salty Sea Dogs tell tales of whaling and sailors lives in the 19th Century, through contemporary songs and stories, including the most famous fictional story of whales and whaling, with activities, songs and dances for children.

10. Marcus the Roman and Ifor the Druid
Stories of the lives of the people and the Roman Army in Britain. Children are taught Army drill in Latin.

11. Simon and the Sea Dogs
Simon, a Devon man, tells tales of Elizabethan sailors and the Spanish Main 1564- 1602, Francis Drake, John Hawkins and Queen Elizabeth with songs and dance.

12. By the Sword Divided
Stories from the English Civil War. A Cavalier and a Roundhead discuss causes of the war including great sieges and battles, with contemporary songs and dance. Children are taught how to be musketeers and pike ‘persons’ before fighting for King or Parliament (safely).

13. Chartism and Peterloo
Stories of The Peterloo Massacre and the Chartists with contemporary songs.

14. Chronicles and sagas.
Tales of the Anglo Saxon Chronicles with songs in Old English and of Vikings, their origins, religion(s) and the Icelandic Sagas, sword play and an appearance of Hugin the Raven(puppet).

15. The Press Gang
Tales of Nelson’s Navy and the men who were compelled to join, (safe) swordplay, songs and dances.

16. Tudor Crime and Punishment
Spies and villains abounded in Tudor times. Two Tudor characters tell tales of plots, crime, punishment and espionage.

17. Victorian Christmas Workhouse
Meet Mr Pringle the Workhouse master and Bill the Chimney sweep. Find out about life inside and outside of the Victorian Workhouse and prepare for Christmas. Take part in the amazing story of a workhouse child. From his lowly birth, to early life in the workhouse. Culminating in fame, fortune and a Knighthood. With songs and dances, children dress-up and act-out stories from his amazing adventures, and then make ready for 'Christmas in the Workhouse'.

18. Dinos and Thespis
Two travelling players of Ancient Greek Theatre present an interactive event from 400 BC, with songs, dance and stories outlining life, the universe and everything in Ancient Greece.

19. Lugg and Aderyn
Meet Lugg Mesolithic hunter and learn the skills needed to survive in the Stone Age. Find out about the move from hunting and farming from Aderyn the Bronze Age farmer. Take part in telling the story of the Myths and Legends of ancient times. Hold a funeral and follow the journey to the land of the ancestors.

20. Vikings!
Meet Snorri Snorrison teller of Tall Tales and Sagas with his constant companion Hugin Odin's Raven. With stories, songs, dance and role play, become a Viking warrior, and take part in the saga of the World Serpent.

21. Celts
Cadno the Celt explains all about life in Iron Age Britain with songs and activities for children

22. The Great Fire of London
Two characters explore life (and death) in London during the Great Plague of 1665 and the Great Fire the following year, activities with songs and dance.

We have also completed sessions on Angevins, The Ghost Map, Suffragettes and the stories of Ivanhoe and Robin Hood.

The group will be able to tailor sessions on other subjects if given enough notice.

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