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Dinos and Thespis - Two travelling players of Ancient Greek Theatre present an interactive event from 400 BC, with songs, dance and stories outlining life, the universe and everything in Ancient Greece.

Lugg and Aderyn - The Caveman and the Farmer.
Meet Lugg Mesolithic hunter and learn the skills needed to survive in the Stone Age. Find out about the move from hunting and farming from Aderyn the Bronze Age farmer. Take part in telling the story of the Myths and Legends of ancient times. Hold a funeral and follow the journey to the land of the ancestors.

The Victorian Christmas Workhouse.
Meet Mr Pringle the Workhouse master and Bill the Chimney sweep. Find out about life inside and outside of the Victorian Workhouse and prepare for Christmas. Take part in the amazing story of a workhouse child. From his lowly birth, to early life in the workhouse. Culminating in fame, fortune and a Knighthood. With songs and dances, children dress-up and act-out stories from his amazing adventures, and then make ready for 'Christmas in the Workhouse'.

Meet Snorri Snorrison teller of Tall Tales and Sagas with his constant companion Hugin Odin's Raven. With stories, songs, dance and role play, become a Viking warrior, and take part in the saga of the World Serpent.

Cadno the Celt explains all about life in Iron Age Britain with songs and activities for children

Great Fire of London
Two characters explore life (and death) in London during the Great Plague of 1665 and the Great Fire the following year, activities with songs and dance.

Company K, Theatre in Education aim to provide historically accurate interactive drama to schools and other organisations. Involving students in an interactive performance of History through the ages from the Mesolithic to The Modern using song, dance, and storytelling.

Our company will tailor sessions to your requirements whilst entertaining your children and bringing history to life.

Contact Company K for further details.


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